Recruiting english speaking staff!

Hello! This is Kosaka, the manager of the Yokohama main store!

Our group has opened a sex shop exclusively for foreigners in response to inbound!

Three stores: FEERINGinYokohama, HOTSUMA YOKOHAMA, and ClubFG
We are operating!

After the end of the corona crisis, it has become essential to deal with the increasing number of tourists.
Furthermore, in anticipation of future business development overseas, we are looking for people who can speak English.
We are looking for “bilingual staff” who would like to join us.

〇 Job detail

The job of the bilingual staff is answering phone calls in English and responding to SNS, etc.
Almost no face-to-face customer service, just basically respond to the following three communication type:
After joining the company, no need suddenly respond in English immediately, just after you learned the basics of the business.

〇 Salary

Please refer to our recruitment information for detail.

Beside the basic salary, plus allowance is included for bilingual staffs.
In addition, there will be incentives for foreigner-only sex shop sales.
Not just responding in English, the more sales increase, the more
the salary will be upped, so if you do it, you can earn as much as you do.


We are still a developing company.
We will continue to grow in the future, so those who want to grow together and those who want to earn money anyway.
Any reason is fine. Please come to the interview once.